Other Projects

The Peckforton Papers


Live Roleplaying in the UK (probably) started thirty-five years ago this April with Treasure Trap opening at Peckforton Castle, in Cheshire. To mark this anniversary we have curated a book about larp in the UK. How we make it, how we write it, and how we play it.









College of Wizardry - World building


The Avalon Corporation were a part of the team who helped write the background to College of Wizardry, both for the initial creation of the game world and later to help with the path guides.  We created the school - Avalon - with its terrifying traditions and horrific violence.



Is it possible to write a larp that can be played in thirty seconds?  Picolarp is a larp in card game form that can be used as an ice-breaker, in a workshop, or simply played in the time it takes to ride a lift to the 13th floor.

The Witchard's Almanak


 A 2017 diary and almanack for students at Czocha College in the College of Wizardry World. The almanack has two days to a page for diary entries, an innovative goal planner, weekly "to do" lists, a tracker for work, work-outs, and play. It comes loaded with interesting and informative facts for the student Witchard.