Upcoming Events

The Quota


The Quota is a live role-play experience designed to explore some of the pressures and crisis points experienced by refugees and migrants trapped in the limbo of an immigration detention centre. You will play an individual struggling with the loss of their autonomy within a system, in which many have been trapped for years, unable to move forwards with your life or make significant choices about your future and the futures of any loved ones you have responsibility for.

The Quota will take place in May 2018 in association with Broken Dreams LRP




Avalon is a larp set in the College of Wizardry game world.  It tells the story of young students learning to be Witchards in the harsh environment that is the island of Avalon.


Avalon will be running in Poland in September 2018 with the support of Dziobak Larp Studio





Midwinter is a larp where the players are the Jolly Elves who work in the toy factory at the North Pole. Santa Claus is the ultimate form of Patriarchal Capitalism; thus the Elves in the workshop represent the workers of the world. The larp will be a Christmas miracle in 3 jinglebleak acts.


Will it be a surreal nightmare, an anarcho-communist yuletide, or a traditional ghost story? The end of the larp will be in the hands of the players.


Planned for January 2019