About us Meet the Team Look at us, in moody black and white. We do not smile. We take everything so very seriously. This is not a game.

Simon Brind


I am writer and larp designer working in London.  My interests lie in the way that larp can be used to tell a collective story with multiple authors and multiple endings.


I have been a larper since 1985 and a larpwright since 1986.  My current PhD research is on how stories work in larps.


(MA, MSc)


Charlotte Ashby


I am an academic, educator and experience designer working in London. My interests lie in the power of immersive environments and sustained roleplaying to create transformative experiences.


Larp to learn about who you are.


(MA, PhD)




Martine Svanevik


I am a larper, fiction writer, and narrative designer. My work has featured in both AAA games and indie productions. I am interested in how larp allows you to experience the stories of others and give you an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. I have been playing and making larps since 1999.


(BA, MA)